The 14 Top Tools for Business Startups in 2022

The major difference is that while AngelList helps your startup discover the right person for a role, ProductHunt helps you find the best tech tools for your startup. FreshBooks’ simple user interface and end-to-end features offering makes it a killer combo for every startup to streamline their accounting and keep a tab on everything that involves money. Rapidly growing product companies are often understaffed and overworked. Their processes are still being solidified, tasks are half-done, and teammates stare daggers at each other for missing important deadlines.

This is a leading social media marketing tool that helps organizations to scale their businesses with its simplified UI and budget-friendly deals. Shopify – If you’re selling a physical product online, Shopify should be your first stop. From the storefront to the backend, it covers everything you need to establish an e-commerce business. If you’re anything like me, you cringed your way to under your desk.

One platform for better teamwork

You can get extensive documents and help enhance the software with continuous new releases and multi-channel support. You can get that from their support page if you want documentation and tutorials (from fresh to experienced level). Overall, it is one of the excellent tools for startups at the MVP level.

  • The process of selecting the best tools for your startup can be a little complex.
  • Business tools — from customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to accounting software — help to save startups time and money by automating key processes and maximizing efficiency.
  • Zoho Social is the best social media management tool we’ve reviewed, largely because of its affordability.
  • No other type of program merges digital- and physical-world sales as much.
  • TRACX is an experienced marketing and analytics platform made for “real world” businesses.
  • Trello offers a free version but expects a few limitations of its full features.

Not only does it boast a sleek ergonomic design, but it also X every single feature you’d expect from a top-tier internet phone system. So if your startup has a habit of scheduling longer meetings it may be worth forking out for a paid plan or checking out some alternatives. Every solution we include is affordable, and we even list some free options for startups committed to keeping costs to a minimum. Read on to discover our top picks, or jump to specific sections using the links below. While each template on this tool is designed by a team of professional graphic artists, the tool also allows you to go for custom/premium designs.

Free Tech Tools Every Startup Needs

Comprehensive sales assessments are used to optimize sales hiring, and sales and sales leadership training programs are customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. It also has integrations that let you text customers directly from your CRM and eCommerce platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Shopify. The telephone remains one of the most powerful tools for outreach and closing deals.

In the ever-changing market of today, it doesn’t matter that you have just started your business or if you are a seasoned veteran; everybody needs advice at some point in their professional journey. Full Scale can equip your startup to face fierce competition in the industry. We can help you build your brand and develop your MVP to have better leverage for funding. Though tried and tested, these tools—especially the MVP builders—can only achieve the best results when used to their full potential. An MVP can significantly lower the risk of investing in the wrong idea. You get early feedback on your beta product, which allows you to speed up time to market (TTM).

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Bring your workflow to this task management software, and visualize it with Custom Task Statuses. It lets you create task statuses to suit the workflow in your startup. ClickUp is the world’s highest-rated project management 20 best business tools for startups Software for startups and productivity tool. In this article, you’ll discover the top eight best tools for startups with their pros, cons, pricing, and user ratings. Without a solid team, the growth trajectory for your startup will be limited.

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